Think Tank

Age 3y to 5y

"Think Tank" is Perry School's signature program, created by Dawn Lesley Stewart who has pioneered this innovative program using a fusion of science proven methods and creativity to achieve outstanding results. We carefully select our teachers who are trained to go above and beyond in their teaching of the "Think Tank" method, it is the natural way of introducing advanced intellectual concepts to Preschool children. Using a child centered approach, the "Think Tank" program customizes the curriculum for each child in a small group setting. Hands on activities are specifically designed to teach basic concepts including numbers, letters, shapes 2d/3d, size comparison , colors and basic math as well as some more advanced concept such as arithmetic reasoning, analogies and classifications . In addition, it covers seven areas of critical thinking  such as sequencing, following  directions, simple math.  Kids learn through their own curiosity, and by creating their own learning materials. This program is designed to instill the love of learning at a very young age while preparing them for kindergarten tests: OLSAT, NNAT2, Standford-Binet, ERB. We are happy to say that since initiating this method in 2001 we have helped our families gain entry to some of the city's top programs. 

The program has been reviewed by The New York Times and studied by educational researchers around the world.

"At Perry School, a preschool in the West Village, children spent an hour a day in the "Think Tank" program designed to exposed them to reasoning and materials they would see during the test. "Of the children who took the gifted exams we received scores ranging between 97 and 99"                                                              The New York Times