Baby Moves

Baby Moves is a happy place in the West Village where exciting and unique developmental classes for babies and toddlers have been available for families since 2000.  Our family-style classes classes include Little Athletes, Les Beaux Art, Cortex 100, Cortex 101, Cortex 201, Little Athletes, All 4 On the Floor, and NYC Kickers,   We have gained a reputation for excellence over the past 20 years. Our Early childhood development specialists design thoughtful, fun programs with music, dance, art, gym, and storytelling in a place where children can learn, express themselves, and play with friends.  


We customize our baby & toddler classes for every child who attends our programs, making every experience interesting and different.  Baby Moves is also a space in the West Village where adults can see friendly faces and meet New York City families to build a better community.  As the children in the Baby Moves classes grow, many join Perry School, our NYC preschool.  


Take a peek at our fun and exciting schedule of Baby Moves classes. Our current winter semester of classes which are listed below runs from now until March 19th. We will be offering a spring semester of classes that will be posted in the coming weeks.


Dawn Lesley Stewart


What's going on at Baby Moves

To register for a spot in our Baby Moves classes click here. We also offer one free trial class for new families.

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57 Bethune Street New York, NY 10014

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